The incredible Avro Arrow- it seems like a legendary story, the facts, figures and pictures of an airplane first developed by a world class Canadian company and team that engineered and built an aircraft and engines to a standard and performance that was never done before.   

Impressive, exciting and intriguing to say the least,  a magnificent piece of aero engineering genius. Many have found it difficult to accept or understand the tragic events of the past and even greater difficulty with the present state of affairs in Canada.    It seems like it was a parallel universe-another world where the totally ridiculous and unbelievable was a true part of our history. Many have resolved to make a personal difference about the Arrow - hopefully on a national scale. 

Concerning the Arrow, something had gone drastically wrong and that we could not go back in time to change history.    The future however,    is something we can spend a great deal of time thinking about and working towards and building it. The future is something we can change and make it what we want because of what we envision and believe in.    It takes work, energy and time and most of us believe that’s OK and look forward to the opportunity.

Many people are surprised at just how much one person made a difference in their life, concerning one single event and the many more inter-related experiences that have followed, where the dream can become reality and in this case, of seeing the Arrow flying again, it is very clear in the minds eye and in the heart where it burns with passion.    Amazingly, there is a lot of interest out there!    Even more remarkable, too many people look at the past and have not put out a fraction of the energy or thought to rebuild it! However this is changing. It has in many ways been suppressed beyond measure, almost to the point of oblivion, except for now the dedicated few who always think and ask “What if we could do it again? What would we do different?    How could we make it happen?    What about this… and this… and all that? So many questions!    We believe the answers that may appear complex are actually quite simple and with vision, plans, strategy, people, resources, facilities, life in the jetstream…anything is possible, especially for the brave and daring adventurers that like to do things just to do them, regardless of the arguments of the critics, resource and logistical requirements or the challenges along the way, the main thing is to be determined to do it. This will be part of an equation in a great Canadian experiment, who wants to be involved?
Many things are changing in Canada, new perspectives and new resolution, the firm belief this is possible and it is not that far out of reach and now it is in the works.    It takes a greater awareness, time, people and resources with the resolution to make a difference and succeed.    We really need to test and prove ourselves, and we will be surprised at what we can really do and it is essential to always have a positive self image about things in every endeavour we are engaged in.  Many of us have had positive people in our lives  who have continued to encourage us to live our dreams. As a result, a positive confidence, optimism, trust and belief in the future is something we must promote personally and nationally.    Some things may seem a little radical, but it is all fairly easy to explain-put that imagination to use and get to work!  Many of us  feel fortunate to be involved in something that truly captures the imagination and enthusiasm and we hope yours too.    It is something to share with all Canadians, especially those who believe in the Arrow and the power of the dream and even more in the power of decisions and action to build the kind of future and country we are proud of.  The realization of the vision and goals we set for ourselves personally and nationally is not something we can live without, so we must finish what we started and experience the process of transformation and the great victory and reward that only those who try will ever experience and enjoy. Our imagination and resolution is extremely  valuable, as the future will have possibilities to offer us that we can hardly even begin to think of now, a world without limits, more exciting aircraft and spacecraft, excitement and adventure, and Canada, a country where anything is possible.
“Go for it boy, you can do it!”

Forward - alternate reality perspective