CF—105 Flèche incorporé

Compagnie Intel : Vision - Mission et Stratégie

Vision du Personnel - CF-105_Vision_Personnel.pdf

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Aircraft production, including defence technology or general aviation or commercial and private aircraft, all require a fundamental nationalist approach with the battlespace awareness of the various peace and war vector scenarios.

Scenarios include, national and geo-politics, industrial and currency warfare, the current anti nation state sovereignty, enemies foreign and domestic, mainstream media owned, voted, controlled and edited by collaborateurs and enemy combattants, in addition to the treason and considerable foreign imperialistic acts of agression and wars of aggression, related coup d'etat, the penetration and corruption of government personnel, the status of character and morality including spiritual development, and the global genocide currently underway, in addition to the state of health and availability of people and infrastructure.

Credentials is one thing, character is another, and a lifestyle that aligns values with actions and priorities is essential.

Does “Stand on guard for Canada with Product of Canada” interest you?