CF—105 Flèche incorporé

Compagnie Intel : Vision - Mission et Stratégie

Vision d'Investissement - CF-105_Vision_Investissement.pdf

traduction en route

Invest more, faster, easier, more precise, optimize your options, utilize strategic risk management and nuke proof asset protection, Made in Canada, create jobs, careers, new enterprise commerce, national defence advantage, make a difference, pro-active, thoughtful intelligent patriotism, economic industrial nationalism, redevelop and rebuild the national dream…

Integrated with :

Strategic Enterprise Development Inc. -

Intergalactic Securities & Management Corporation - https://www.intergalactic-securities-ca

Capital Vault Incorporated -

Battlegroup 301 Incorporated -

Orenda Engines Limited - Orenda Iroquois -

Economic Nationalism - Made in Canada - nation state sovereignty