CF—105 Arrow Incorporated

Company Intel : Performance

The new Avro Arrow has advanced surface engineering and radar absorbing materials, design elements in manufacturing and assembly, components with fit and function, that all contribute to stealth.

The extremely clean aero engineerinfg genius of the CF-105 Arrow, with the compact and integrated weapons pack design and integral fuel tanks, with no external fuel tanks, and the the awesome Orenda Engines Limited twin engine Iroquois provide the capacity and capability to make it happen.

The 5th and 6th generation aircraft is being engineered and built with even more increased capabillity, range and performance, with advanced materials and manufacturing and eveything made in the Made in Canada economic nationalist continuum.

Yes, some things really are classified…and that is not the reason it is not in mainstream news obviously…

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Orenda Engines Limited - Orenda Iroquois