CF—105 Arrow Incorporated

Company Intel : History

We are more interested in the future,

we learn from the past, we go forward with courage,

we express the best of who we are,

we honour history, with our resolution to succeed,

to do those things that matter the most,

our true values at the speed of thought,

from the core of our being, heart and soul,

the ultimate Arrow, way beyond the speed of sound,

step back in tiime, once upon a time…

Imagine what it was like, a past life recall,

you are the one…

step forward in time, the future you,

you are exactly where you want to be,

the Ultimate Arrow

Per Ardua Ad Astra

now you know what it really means,

an understanding and awareness from experience,

You are the one that makes a difference,

you are that spark, who lighted someone on fire with purpose,

creative imagination, working to build great things together,

"What if we could do it again?"

Look at history, what did you do to change the future,

space time, like a bird in your hand,

let it go to fly in the clear blue sky,

let your soul be at peace, pure exhilaration,

let it be known, that it was you who made all the difference,

You transformed thought into reallity,

you are focused, you are brave,

you are disciplined, you have and express faith,

forward in time you go, step by step,

a re-incarnation of a soul group or something more?

Peak experience is yours by powerful freedom of choice.

Turn off the television, and turn on the future,

Your heart and soul, with the word create,

build a new machine,

the design engineering and production machine…

bend space time,

like metal with fluid aerodynamics and aerostructural integrity,

with the magnitude of geometry, metallurgy and thermo-combustion physics,

imagine being in the pilots seat for a moment of frozen time,

the past has disappeared in remote history,

the nation has heart and soul once again,

the foundation of peace, order and good government,

the simple stroke of genius, imagine, a super sonic aeroplane,

not any old aeroplane, but something new, awesome, futuristic,

something that honours the past, brilliant engineering,

the last word in state of the art and science,

Imagine for
a moment,

once upon a time, has a whole new reality,

when you look at the past from the future,

the future that nobody told you about, that it was yours,

that you could have it by choice,

you see, I travelled through time,

just to find the words I could not express,

multi-dimensional space, heart and soul,

I wish that you could see what I see,

I wish you could know what the future is like,

something so awesome, so fantastic, pure energy,

the Avro Arrow, the Ultimate Arrow, the CF-105 Arrow,

the one with your name written on it, in super sonic ink,

your signature, your executive order, you with all the power,

imagine, who could have known, so simple, exercise power,

on earth as it is in heaven,

how do you know, whether or not,

you were called for such a time as this,

imagine for a moment,

maybe it could happen again,

imagine how your eyes see pure awesomeness, to see that magnificent Arrow,

Imagine in your minds eye, how your soul would feel,

Imagine if that is all you needed to learn,

that you had incredible power of choice,

that in fact it could happen again,

that it is happening right here and right now.

Give us this day, the faith to go forward,

to express the best of who we are,

to redevelop and rebuild the national dream,

the dream called the Avro Arrow,

the courage, confidence and trust,

to live a pro-active life with purpose and patriotism,

in the quest to build and fly

the Ultimate Arrow…

I wrote this for you,

the heart and soul of the national dream!

Michael Comeau, CEO

I wrote this for those who have the energy of aerospace,
and that everyone would know that past, present and future
of something so awesome as the CF-105 Arrow
and the
Orenda Engines Limited Iroquois,
and everything else that has those characteristics,
as the expression of true genius and super achievement,
of those individuals who are redeemed and exonerated