Statement - CF-105 Arrow Incorporated
 This information has been prepared for the benefit of general information availability and prospective Personnel and clients interested in being involved in corporate and technology development, in addition to promoting the Mission, or being involved with the Advanced Technology Development and Delivery Program - ATDDP, and constitutes a mutual understanding and communication only to them.  Any reproduction or distribution of this, subsequent or additional information and materials, in whole or in part, or the disclosure of any of the contents is prohibited without the prior confidentiality agreement with the person(s) and made with CF-105 Arrow Incorporated, the trustee(s), the issuer(s), agents or representatives, or any company and the provisions for any conditions or provisions that may apply in accordance with the agreements that have been or will be made.
No corporate publications or promotion in any form may be utilized except for this information, and where applicable any information (including amendments and supplements), approved materials and supporting documents.  No person(s) have been authorized to give any information or to make any representation not contained in these materials in connection with the corporate and technology development opportunities and, if given or made, may be regarded as private interpretation, un-authorized or un-official. This information does not constitute an offer to sell or solicitation of an offer to buy any securities whatsoever.  See Public Notice.
Prospective Members are not to construe the contents of this information or any prior or subsequent communications from CF-105 Arrow Incorporated, the company or any of its trustees, officers, employees, agents or representatives or promoters, as business, financial, investment, tax or legal advice.  This information, associated information, documents and related agreements, as well as the nature of the corporate and technology development programs and other related opportunities, may be reviewed by each prospective Member’s advisors, accountants, legal counsel, other persons or entities only upon their confirmation of the confidentiality agreement with CF-105 Arrow Incorporated, and subsequently receiving their authorized information for review.
Each prospective Member may inquire from CF-105 Arrow Incorporated, trustee, agents or representatives or otherwise concerning the terms and conditions of any of the opportunities, other relevant matters or additional information necessary to the extent that the information can be acquired, disclosed or made available without unreasonable effort or expense.
This information, including future information does not claim to contain all the information that a prospective member may desire in consideration of the private opportunities, or, that a Member/Client may require for the private business, financial and investment solutions.  Each person or entity must conduct and rely on their own evaluations, including the merits, risks or rewards involved in making their decision.
Prospective Personnel are free to select and structure their involvement, including their business and financial operations or requirements as determined and in accordance with provisions specified or expanded upon in the agreements that may be made.
We believe the information concerning the ATDDP are being discussed and enabled in accordance with the understanding of promoting ideas, possibilities, new and expanded perspective and hopefully some encouragement to those who desire a more successful entrepreneurial and business ventures. Where provided, financial projections relating to hypothetical performance of the business enterprise, a company or non-related other business entity and may provide financial projections including business or executive summaries and general or specific disclosure for review to Personnel. The Confidentiality Agreement will apply in full force and effect to every form of disclosure made concerning any and all information that is made available. Different companies may have different operating requirements, disclosure agreements and may vary in great detail concerning their information. We believe the member may become more informed.
This information communicates as of the current date indicated.  Personnel may inquire about additional opportunities, options, revisions or new developments that may be available.
Other enterprises and CF-105 Arrow Incorporated, that may integrate special agents, classified personnel of other enterprises that perform tactical maneuvers, logistics and resource deployment may consist of: government and other entities, special, advanced, classified, national defence, national security, civil defence programs, projects, operations and entities, law enforcement entities and personnel, legal and financial agents, various associations, technology, business information and intellectual property processing entities and personnel, are part of CF-105 Arrow Incorporated and the related provisions for special agents.
This information may to the extent provided, represent the organizational structure of private business, corporate and technology development offering key strategic performance capabilities. The degree of confidentiality and disclosure may be permitted and/or restricted on a case by case basis as may be determined.  Concerning any national security, national defence, classified, advanced technology development and delivery programs or other initiatives, that may exist, be created or be offered or available, officially or un-officially; prospective and existing Personnel and member/clients are warned that various national security measures are enabled and ensured, and subsequently are advised to act accordingly.  Additionally, it is acknowledged that Personnel are entitled to the benefits, protection and where provided, indemnification for personal, business and national security purposes in which they and their assets are entrusted.