The Canadian Renaissance, the National Dream and the Jetstream Vision


  Hi there!
                We hope everything is going very well for you at this time in your life.    Of course we know there is always room for improvement, so we would like to give you some positive and encouraging news about some exciting developments that are going on concerning the Canadian Renaissance, the National Dream and the Jetstream Vision. We hope that you can be positive, learn and see things with an enhanced perspective and look to the future as something you can be proud of as a star citizen, and as a patriot and a nationalist because you are making it happen.    We  believe this is intensely personal and very close to our hearts.
We  firmly and absolutely believe that the work done on the Avro Arrow and Orenda Engines Limited are the result of dynamic inspiration, hard work, dedicated people and brilliant technical achievements that is truly remarkable, even to this day! Add to that, daring and revolutionary invention, innovation, design, engineering, manufacturing, assembly and performance, and you will see just some of the fantastic trademarks that are known about the people and the incredible aircraft that were no ordinary flying machines. Imagine for a moment the massive co-operation, energy and enthusiasm that was spent there.
We have waited a long time and some have waited a lifetime, to see the reality of a dream come true.    We believe  that we should wait no more! We believe that we must be the champions of passion, quality and integrity, in everything we do, everything we say, all that we are and all that we want to be, individually and as a country.    We believe  it’s essential that we must spare no effort or expense in our personal and national endeavours and that we must be exceedingly brave, strong and determined. Remember-Let nobody steal your dreams.
It’s important that we must express resourcefulness, enthusiasm, confidence and trust in time of need.    We must work diligently and energetically with a purpose that is deep in our hearts, we must make new friends, develop greater teamwork and have plenty of fun and adventure in the process and be transformed to a new and higher level far beyond what we presently know.    We  must exercise our faculty of imagination and our resolution to succeed, we must consolidate our unlimited powers to develop, expand and express the capabilities of our conscious and subconscious mind, and our spiritual, psychological, emotional, mental, physical, financial and national power in a constructive and beneficial way. We must believe we can achieve our greatest expectations and our greatest dreams. We must visualize it, imagine it, and live our lives with the kind of intensity to make it a reality. Remember why we are here.
    We hope the program is straightforward and easy to understand, although it may be a little comprehensive, for some it will be just the essential beginning of building the kind of company, country and future we can be proud of. Many options, opportunities, programs, advantages and rewards have been developed to make a new reality possible and deliver exceptional value, performance and satisfaction for you, as the essence We believe is built in self regenerating wealth producing power. Always think for yourself and reach for your goals.  We encourage you to be active and get involved, You have the power and the key! Freedom of choice, personally and nationally, will remain entirely yours.
Some things you may see, hear or read about may seem extreme, but there is nothing quite like really knowing the magnitude of achievement that must be experienced.    What you know now, is just a fraction, a small but important piece to the national puzzle. If you can hold it in your hands and fit it into your life, then you are ready for the many opportunities that will follow. You will have your personal renaissance and begin to really live your dreams. Let your imagination revitalize and regenerate you, you will realize that together, we will redevelop and rebuild the National Dream.